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Product Description

Farbius® paint is a full-value silicone resin paint with a high percentage of silicone resin based on modified silicone resin emulsion. Interior paint in accordance with DIN EN 13300, Wet Abrasion Class III, Covering Power Class II at approx. 0.3 l/m². Its special ceramic microspheres provide an ideal temperature and humidity balance. These properties have a positive impact on the indoor climate and comfort and are based on the interaction of high water vapor permeability (membrane function) and the active photocatalytic pigments. A wide range of color options is available from the Farbius® color palette or can be mixed at your individual request.


Energy saving effect, high reflection >90%
Equal level of comfort with lower heating requirements
balanced, stable and comfortable room climate through:
Reduction of dust
Avoiding colder temperature at floor level
Optimization of humidity
Prevention of mould formation
Repair cracks up to 0.5 mm

Exposure to artificial weathering:

DIN EN ISO 11507 "Paints and varnishes - Exposure of coatings to artificial weathering - Exposure to fluorescent UV and water": Farbius® is high UV-A resistant.

After 1000 hours of artificial weathering (Exposure to UV-A radiation and water), the approved Farbius® coating has a high resistance (no color change, no delamination, no blistering, no rust, no cracking, no peeling, low chalking). Determination of radiation-related parameter in accordance with DIN EN 410 and DIN EN 12898 (absorptivity and emissivity): The measurement is carried out on a Perkin-Elmer-Grid spectrometer Lambda 19 with 150mm integrating sphere. A spectralon is used as calibrated reference standard.

The emissivities are determined based on DIN EN 12898, issue April 2001: the normal overall reflectivities Rn are calculated at a temperature of 283 K. The measurement is performed in the wavelength range between 2.5 and 25 μm on a FTIR-spectrometer Vertex 70 from Bruker Optics with intergrating sphere. Gold is used as a reference material.
Normal emissivity* ɛn = 94%
Absorptivity* Α = 14%
*) Transmittance of all samples = 0

Fire behavior

Fire behavior according to DIN 4102, Part 1: Farbius® met with a maximum application rate of 400 g/m2 coated on solid mineral surfaces, the requirements of class A2 for non-combustible building materials according to DIN 4102, Part 1 (May 1998).


Farbius® can be used on all paint-ready subsurface/base coats based on lime, lime cement and gypsum.


Highly opaque, odorless and eco-friendly, Farbius® is ready to use. It can be diluted with up to 5% clean water and up to 10% solvent free tinting paint. For absorbent substrates, an undercoat with Farbius® Primer or plaster strengthener may be required. For old coatings and plasterboard panels, pretreatment with Farbius® Primer is necessary to prevent penetration. Farbius® can be applied evenly with a suitable paint roller, a brush or airless spraying tools. The substrate must be dry, firm, free from dust and must be loose parts or separating agents (e.g., forming oil). The object and ambient temperature must not go below +5°C and above +40°C. Drying time is 12 hours under normal conditions (+20°C/65% relative humidity). Lower temperatures and higher humidity will require more time.

Special Notes

Do not mix with other types of materials. Mix well before processing. Cover adjacent components well to avoid splashing. Clean Tools thoroughly with water after use. Containers must be completely emptied and recycled.


The use of proven and continuously tested raw materials guarantees consistently high quality. State of the art manufacturing facilities ensures consistent product characteristics. Product quality control is conducted constantly in the factory.


Depending on the type and porosity of the substrate approximately 0.2 - 0.3 l/m². Caution: Rough surfaces can increase usage. Precise amounts are determined by testing on sample plots.

Technical Data

Solvent-free, water-dilutable (max. 2-5 %), environmentally friendly and odorless
Water-resistant, microporous and non film-forming
High permeability to water vapor (sD –value 0.04 in accordance with EN ISO 7783-2)
Capillary Water absorption w-value after 24 hours > 1 Kg/m2h0,5 in accordance with DIN EN 1062-3.
High CO2 permeability
High opacity
Degree of whiteness: Y = 85 (± 2.5)
Gloss level: matt (DIN 53778), ph-value 9.0 (±1.0)
Density 1.05 g/ cm³ (± 0.1)
Viscosity: 1640 mPas(± 500)
COV/VOC: <1 g/l

General Information

Farbius® coating systems are formulated to prevent mould formation. Whether or not and to what extent moulds occur depends on local and prevailing conditions. Depending on the building structure, a full effect can be achieved after approx one week.


Avoid frost. Min. 12 months shelf life in originally sealed container. See imprint for date of manufacture.


15 litre

Legal Information

Information provided in this pamphlet is based on our current technical knowledge and experience. It only provides a general guideline and therefore does not free the user from making their own tests and trials due to the multitude of factors that may affect processing and application of our products. A legally binding guarantee of certain properties or fitness for a particular purpose cannot be derived. Proprietary rights and existing laws and regulations must be observed by the user at their own responsibility. This data sheet replaces all previous versions.

Safety Data

May irritate eyes. Do not get in eyes. Keep out of reach of children. First Aid Treatment: If in eyes, rinse with running water for 10 minutes. Contact your municipal/provincial Government for information.

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